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Why Confession

Why should I go?

Jesus deeply desires a personal, daily relationship with each one of us, to give us the love of the Father, that we may live in His peace and grace forever. But all of the little (and not-so-little) ways we turn from Him chip away at the relationship we have with the Lord. Jesus wants to mend our relationship with Him, but He needs us to say ‘yes.’

“… God loves them no matter what, there is literally nothing you can do that will
cause him to love you less…”

– Ryann, St. Paul Catholic Church


“When I walk out of the church,
it feels like there’s not a lot for me
to worry about anymore.”

– Ami, Mother Seton Catholic Church


“… think about it as coming back home
with your father, the person that will
never turn you away…”

– Juan, St. Raphael Catholic Church

“… when you’re there with the priest,
it is just you and God talking …”

– Helen, St. Mary of the Mills